Welding Symbols

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Keyboard Shortcut: If inserting into a selected callout group or onto a selected sketch object (straight lines or circular arcs), press INSERT.

Welding symbols are part of the shop floor drawings in many manufacturing companies. Welding symbols are annotations that detail the type of weld to create using a weld symbol. They can also contain textual notes providing other essential information.

Although you must manually provide the weld symbol location and applicable detail, Pro/Desktop validates your weld symbols to ensure that the symbols are not incorrectly placed and that the data provided is suitable for the specified feature, location, and weld type.    

You can format your weld symbols using:

To detail your drawing using welding symbols:

  1. With your drawing file open, click or Dimension > Welding Symbol.

  2. Prehighlight the feature receiving the welding symbol and drag the symbol to the desired location. A default weld symbol appears.

  3. To modify the welding symbol annotation, double-click the default weld symbol. The Properties dialog box opens. Modify the symbol as necessary.

Weld Symbol

Use the Weld Symbol tab to set specific attributes for your weld annotation. You can set any of the following:

  1. Under Supplementary Symbols, define additional weld characteristics by clicking the appropriate check box.

Weld Type

Weld Process

All aroundApplies a weld all around the joint.

Melt-ThruPenetrates through the plate being welded.

On FieldApplies a weld at the location where the product is used or assembled rather than at the factory.

InsertUsually a consumable material that restricts or adds material to the weld.

SpotJoins two overlapping pieces of material. Typically, spot welds are used for sheet metal.

BackingA piece of metal used for extra support, like in case of melt-thru.

SeamJoins abutting or overlapping pieces with a lengthwise seam.

SpacerSeparates the parts to be welded while also creating extra rigidity.



  • You can select All Around and On Field for any definition of weld.

  • Select Spot and Seam to notate the type of the weld in general. You cannot specify the two sides differently.

  1. Under Welding Standard, select the appropriate international welding standard to apply: AWS/ANSI, DIN, and ISO.

  2. Using the preview annotation, define the specific characteristics of the weld by typing the appropriate values in the dimension boxes. If you are creating a two-sided weld, you must set the desired attributes for each side separately.